The mark Gems draws its roots in the late 1970s and boasts to be one of the top brands in Italy of footwear and sportswear. The early achievements production take place in the Piedmontese capital with the first kit and overalls for sport. In short time Gems you introduce in other segments productive sports until becoming partner of prestigious club football, volleyball and basketball nationally which:

AC Pisa (Serie A season ); Spifin Torino-basket; Cus volley Falconara and all star game.

Gems has had the pleasure to sponsor of major League soccer players of the calibre of Jugovic (Lazio-Sampdoria), Altobelli (Lecce) to others as Sapphire and Ippoliti champions of Europe with the national futsal team, Rubei Musti, Mannino, Ivano and Giovanni Rome, the great goalkeeper of the Bnl and National Maximum Rinaldi, Caleca, Plini and many others.

Few years and Gems starts production of shoes at that of Vigevano in an efficient and modern laboratory until becoming for many years the reference point of futsal reaching even, with the mythical shoe Star Five, the prize awarded by Guerin sportivo No. 23 of 7-13 June 2000 directed by Ivan Zazzaroni after a confrontation with 18 other models of shoes including adidas soccer 3, Asics gel synergy, Joma celaia, Kelme trueno, Lotto mirage x grip, Munich mundial, Nike air passion, Umbro risponsa et al., the award for best technical shoe from Futsal.

Begins to Gems the boom of futsal (today Futsal) which culminates with sponsorships in the major Italian clubs, for example: Rome rcb (2 leagues of Italy) - BNL Futsal (4 Championships in Italy and a European Cup won in Moscow) Torrino (2 leagues of Italy)- Milan Italy Cup

Recent history sees the mark Gems to originate a new high-quality platform covering the full range of articles of sportswear for soccer and Futsal, with entire completeness in bags, Relaxation, Freetime, Balls and shoes.
Gems presents all its articles through a catalog of easy and intuitive interpretation that collection to the Web site constantly updates its sporting all novelties of the Gem's world, drawing, informing and presenting the stories, the joys and the satisfactions of lovers of sport.

Its core business in the field of shoes and balloons led already in 2008 to have a proven successful on the market; success protested and highlighted by consumers increasingly eager to re-dress the technical apparel brand Gems. The restyling of mark Gems has led his team to the study of evolving needs of the sportsman always more attentive to the quality of tissues and to the ability of a trade mark of knowing how to interpret their own use techniques, competitive sports.

The fusion of the know-how and the skills of some manufacturers, distributors, users, designers and managers have allowed the formation of a new company of its kind with maximum flexibility and capacity ready to satisfy the market applicant.

Through the network of knowledge and information developed over the years, Gems has placed at the base of production research and development of sports with a series of cutting-edge product test conducted by a team
of athletes and productive researchers who work in groups to analyze the movements of the human body and review all types of materials that are better suited to sporty technical requirement and not allowing athletes to qualitizzare their yields with maximum efficiency, maximum fun and with the greatest of grit.

By the mark, its actors are demanding the essence of sport with all its facets ranging from tenacity to passion, from fun dedication, willingness to emerge at the disposal of the Group and from individuality to the sense of collective membership.

Gems expresses with its products the soul of the sportsman, wants to identify in its articles the will to win of athlete that doesn't require a globalizes product but has its nuances, characteristics and peculiarities which led Gems to learn the needs of the user, the creation of the drawing, the choice of fabrics, the prototype, the test of fit, quality, yield, on sizes and colors until you get the ability to represent all these requirements in a product which becomes a real head of sportswear.

From there onwards it is recent history the new catalogue records the mark Gems among the more technical sector. The Mission of Gems is to identify and meet the desires of the sportsman who finds in these clothes love, passion and creative genius. 

The company that manages the brand Gems has adopted all the necessary inputs for supply chain management takes place in ways more elastic and flexible demanded by the market to protect, develop and disseminate its philosophy: simplicity, brilliance and sportsmanship combined with the passion and sense of loyalty and competitive spirit.


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 For more information on the complete Gems soccer line visit  the latest

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